MSI 915P Combo (MS-7058) Intel® 915P chipset LGA775


MSI 915P Combo (MS-7058) Intel® 915P chipset LGA775.
Μεταχειρισμένο – Άριστη λειτουργική κατάσταση.


Supports Intel® Pentium 4 Prescott LGA775 processors in LGA775 package

Supports up to Pentium 4 3XX, 5XX & 7XX sequence processor or higher speed

Supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology


Intel® 915P chipset

– Supports FSB 533/800MHz.

– Supports PCI Express x16 interface

Intel® ICH6 chipset

– Hi-Speed USB (USB2.0) controller, 480Mb/sec, up to 8 ports

– 4 x Serial ATA ports with transfer rate up to 1.5Gb/s

– 1 x channel Ultra ATA 100 bus Master IDE controller

– PCI Master v2.3, I/O APIC

– ACPI 2.0 Compliant

Main Memory

Supports two DDR1 SDRAM

Supports up to 2GB memory size

Supports Dual channel DDR1 memory architecture


1 x PCI Express x16 slot (supports PCI Express Bus specification v1.0a compliant)

2 x PCI Express x1 slots (supports PCI Express Bus specification v1.0a compliant)

3 x 32-bit v2.3 Master PCI bus slots (support 3.3v/5v PCI bus interface)

On-Board IDE & SATA

One Ultra DMA 66/100 IDE controllers integrated in ICH6

– Supports PIO, Bus Master operation modes. Can connect up to Two Ultra ATA drives

Serial ATA 150 controller integrated in ICH6

– Up to 150MB/sec transfer speed. Can connect up to four Serial ATA devices

On-Board Peripherals include

1 x floppy port supports 2 FDDs with 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M and 2.88Mbytes

1 x serial port

3 x IEEE1394 Firewire header for optional IEEE1394 ports

1 x Front Audio header

1 x Line-In / Line-Out / MIC-In / Rear Speaker Out / Center-Subwoofer Speaker Out / SPDIF-Out optical and coaxial audio port

8 x USB2.0 ports (4 x Rear/ 4 x Front via two USB2.0 header onboard)

1 x RJ-45 LAN jack

1 x CPU Fan connector

1 x System Fan connector

1 x Power Fan connector


Azalia link controller integrated in Intel® ICH6 chipset

8-channel audio codec CMedia CMI9880L

– Compliance with Azalia 1.X Spec

– Supports Multi-Streaming function

– Supports Universal Audio Jack (only Front Audio Jack)


Realtek® 8100C Integrated 10/100Mb/s Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY in one chip

– Compliance with PCI 2.2. Supports ACPI Power Management.


The mainboard BIOS provides “Plug & Play” BIOS which detects the peripheral devices and expansion cards of the board automatically.

The mainboard provides a Desktop Management Interface (DMI) function which records your mainboard specifications.

Mounting and Dimension

ATX Form Factor; 30.5 cm (L) x 24.4 cm (W)